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Eye on Success at Bridgeport Elementary Schools 2015

A child’s routine eye exam is just as important as a routine physical and should be included as part of the back to school healthcare regimen. Eighty percent of all learning in a child’s first 12 years is through the visual system yet children under 12 are the least likely to visit an eye care professional each year.

Since one in four children ages 5-­‐12 has a vision problem that may affect their educational performance, Family Vision Center is focused on educating local Bridgeport parents on the importance of routine eye care. The ability to see 20/20 vision typically develops between three and seven years of age, therefore a child’s initial eye exam should ideally be conducted by age three because, by the age of seven, the eye is already developing central vision.

Family Vision Center / Eye on Success Monthly Newsletters

September 2015
Contains Information on How to Spot a Vision Problem

October 2015
Contains Information on Sports Eyewear

November 2015
Contains Information on Computer Vision Syndrome

December 2015
Contains Information on Bringing Healthy Eye Care to Bridgeport Elementary Schools

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