Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contacts with Family Vision Center in Stratford & Bridgeport, CT

If you've been told you need hard to fit contacts, you might wonder just what is going on with contact lenses, or with your eyes! In all likelihood, nothing is actually "wrong" with your eyes. They just may have issues that can make contacts hard to fit. Fortunately, there are so many types of lenses today, that almost everyone can be fitted with comfortable contacts. Some of the more common reasons a patient's eyes may be a hard fit include:

Hard to Fit Contacts with Family Vision Center in Stratford & Bridgeport, CT

Dry Eyes- If you have unusually dry eyes, it can be hard to find contacts that are comfortable. Specialty lenses combined with prescription eye drops can often solve this problem.

Keratoconus- This occurs when the cornea has reshaped into a cone-like shape. This can usually be solved with the right kind of gas permeable or soft contact lens.

Astigmatism- Astigmatism is often difficult to treat with contacts, but there are options.

How Your Optometrist Can Help Fit Your Eyes for Hard to Fit Contacts

Our optometrists have full knowledge of all the different types of contact lenses available to you. Daily wear, extended wear, hard but gas permeable, even bifocal and multifocal lenses. Your optometrist will take into account the shape of your cornea, any eye conditions you may have, and any other health conditions such as allergies. There are a whole range of types.

You'll also be able to try on a sample pair of lenses, so that you can be sure you have the right fit for your eye. If they are uncomfortable, your optometrist will have other suggestions to try.

Why Examining for Contact Lenses is A Little Different than Glasses

An optometrist has a little extra work to do when fitting patients for contact lenses. As with glasses, your prescription must be correct. But your optometrist must also measure the curvature of your cornea, look for any irregularities in shape, such as those that can cause astigmatism, and be extra careful to look for any scratches or other conditions that could make contacts difficult or even harmful to wear.

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