One-Day Disposable Contact Lenses

One-Day Disposable Contact Lenses with Our Optometrists in Stratford, CT

If you need corrective lenses, ask us at Family Vision Center about disposable contacts. These once-a-day lenses offer many advantages over regular contacts. You will never have to worry about cleaning your contacts again. Nor will you have to concern yourself with the discomfort caused by wearing lenses overnight.

One-Day Disposable Contact Lenses with Our Optometrists in Stratford, CT

What are Disposable Contact Lenses?

Wearing clean contacts is critical to maintaining your eye health. Whereas you need to clean traditional lenses, you could choose disposable contacts. There are two types of disposable lenses. You could select multi-day lenses you wear constantly until you throw them out. But if you cannot wear contacts overnight, consider once-a-day disposables. You wear these lenses during the day and throw them away after you take them out before bed. The contacts stay clean and your eyes remain healthy.

Differences Between Normal Lenses and Daily Contacts

Disposable contacts are different from traditional lenses. With traditional lenses, the maintenance and cleaning require an investment of your time. Additionally, if you lose or damage a traditional lens, you must visit your optometrist for a replacement. A box of disposable lenses gives you a month's worth of contacts, so you always have replacements if you lose a lens.

Even if you typically wear gas permeable traditional lenses, you may still need disposable contacts for certain situations. Compared to traditional lenses, disposable lenses are better for outdoor use. They are less likely than gas permeable lenses to get dirt stuck under them. And if debris does get under the lenses, you can replace the contacts with a fresh pair.

Disadvantages of Daily Wear Lenses

While disposable lenses have many advantages, they are not perfect. For some, the cost may be a factor to consider. If you worry about the cost of a month's supply of lenses, compare the cost to a pair of traditional lenses and cleaning solution. The added comfort and safety of disposable lenses overcome the cost difference from traditional lenses.

Some worry about the amount of waste created from disposable lenses. This problem can easily be solved by recycling the lenses and their packaging. Bausch + Lomb partnered with TerraCycle to recycle disposable lenses and their packaging. Check your local area for facilities.

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If you want daily contacts, set up an exam with us at Family Vision Center in either Bridgeport or Stratford. Talk to our eye doctor about getting a prescription for disposable contacts and get better vision more comfortably. You can reach us at our Stratford office at 203-377-2020 or our Bridgeport location at 203-333-2020. 

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