Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses from Our Optometrist in Stratford and Bridgeport

When you've gone to all the trouble to arrange for a beach outing, skiing holiday, family road trip, or lakeside vacation, you want to see all the wonders of nature that surround you. Unfortunately, these glittering, dazzling environments can blind you to their beauty thanks to excessive glare bouncing up into your eyes. Fortunately, there's an answer to this annoying phenomenon: polarized glasses. Here at Family Vision Center, our optometrist in Stratford and Bridgeport can set you up with polarized prescription eyewear to get that glare out of your way.

Polarized Glasses

When You Need Additional Glare Protection

Why would you need specialized glasses if you already have a nice pair of dark sunglasses to reduce glare? It's certainly true that a sufficiently dark tint can block a large amount of visible light to cut much of the light that reaches from above. However, standard lenses aren't very good at blocking reflected glare from below. This is a problem because much of the sunlight that hits a shiny or bright-colored surface will bounce upward, right into your eyes. This kind of glare isn't just painful, it's also potentially dangerous. If glare from the highway is affecting your vision while driving, for instance, you might not see road hazards until it's too late. The same concern holds true for skiers, boaters, or swimmers who need to see what's happening around them as clearly as possible.

Polarization addresses the issue of reflected glare without affecting your vision in any other noticeable way except for making some digital displays hard to read. A polarized filter has a "shutter" effect on light that comes at it from a specific direction, blocking that light while allowing light from other directions to pass through. This effect cuts the distracting, blinding glare of roadways, ski slopes, beaches, and aquatic surfaces.

We Can Fit You with the Perfect Polarized Glasses

Family Vision Center can provide you with polarized glasses that match your corrective vision prescription perfectly. They make a great choice for prescription sunglasses, for obvious reasons, but we can also enhance non-tinted glasses if you need to cut the glare in your daytime work environment. Non-prescription polarized glasses are another option. We'll be happy to protect your whole family's eyes with this simple yet powerful form of protection.

Discover a Glare-Free World at Family Vision Center

Are you ready to stop squinting at the world around you and start enjoying it instead? Call Family Vision Center at our Bridgeport or Stratford office to learn more about our polarized glasses and discuss your options with our optician or optometrist. We're here to help you see more clearly! Our number is 203-377-2020.

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